Criminal Matters & DUI

Leases & Tenant Disputes

Personal Legal Matters
& Documents

What We Cover

The following is a summary of the services covered by the Gulf Atlantic Student Defense Plan. Please refer to the policy for a more complete description of coverage.

1. Personal legal matters:

  1. Unlimited consultations (either in the office or by telephone).
  2. One demand letter or phone call per legal matter.
  3. Unlimited personal legal documents reviewed, such as leases, contracts, etc. (up to 12 pages each).
  4. Small claims assistance (Help with preparing documents and how to present your case).
  5. Eviction and Tenant defense (but not recovery of the security deposit).
  6. Debt collection defense.
  7. Will preparation.
  8. Preparation of legal documents (affidavit, deed, note, mortgage, etc).

2. Criminal Matters:

  1. Traffic and Misdemeanor coverage.
  2. DUI/DWI charges
  3. Limited coverage for felonies.*

3. Administrative and Civil litigation:

  1. Limited defense of administrative proceedings.*
  2. Limited defense of civil litigation.*
  3. Limited representation in a mediation or arbitration.*

4. Non-covered Matters:

  1. Members receive a 20% discount from the plan attorney's customary rates.

*Limited coverage is limited to 8 hours of pretrial and preparation time
and 8 hours of trial or hearing time.


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