What is Prepaid Legal Insurance?

Prepaid legal insurance is just like it sounds. You pay a small advance premium to us. Then, when you need a lawyer, we provide you with an independent lawyer and pay the lawyer's fees.

I've never been arrested. Why do I need Prepaid Legal Insurance?

Many people never get arrested or charged with a crime. Most, however, have gotten traffic tickets they wish they had contested. Attending a party where minors are drinking? Is your music too loud at a party? What if someone you're with decides to shoplift and you get arrested with them? If you DO find yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time, the Student Defense Plan ensures that you will be prepared.

But you don't have to buy the Student Defense Plan just for the criminal coverage. Your Plan attorneys are also available to review leases, contracts and other personal documents, assist you in small claims and civil matters, help you deal with credit issues, and provide counsel for most other personal legal matters.

What Does The Student Defense Plan Cost?

The annual premium is $300 per year. Gulf Atlantic offers a number of premium payment plans, the most popular of which is a $50 down, $25 per month plan (for 10 months). This amount is close to what you'd pay an attorney for his or her initial consultation about any single legal matter. See our Enrollment Form for more details.

What If I Don't Like The Plan Attorney?

If you don't like the Plan Attorney you've been assigned, simply let us know. We will assign another Plan Attorney to represent you.

Tell me about Gulf Atlantic.

Gulf Atlantic Legal Defense Insurance, Inc. is a Florida-licensed prepaid legal insurance company which has been providing legal expense insurance in Florida for over 10 years. Through our affiliated companies, Gulf Atlantic has been an insurance provider in Florida for over 40 years. Gulf Atlantic's principal offices are located in Tallahassee, Florida.

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