College Students Have Special Legal Needs

College students have many of the same legal needs as the rest of us do. And many that older folks don't. Life in a college town has unique challenges and unique problems. You never know when an unexpected legal issue or legal question can arise. From document review to grade appeals, from speeding tickets to defending criminal matters, our attorneys will advise you on any legal matter, both small . . . and large.

Gulf Atlantic's Student Defense Plan is a prepaid legal plan that provides you with a LOCAL lawyer to advise you on a myriad of personal legal matters. Your lawyer will review your legal contracts, will send letters on your behalf, and will defend you in criminal and civil matters. See What We Cover to find out more.

You (and your parents) can rest easy knowing you have a local attorney available and ready to assist you should any legal matter arise.

The annual premium is only $300, or about the cost of an initial consultation with an attorney. Payment plans are available.


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